CSET came into existence 21 years ago in Higher Education (Information Technology and Management), Software & Web Development, Concierge services is committed to provide best of timely services to its students, business associates and clients with a objective of providing modern education with special emphasis on information

Technology and Management through virtual and distance learning modes, management and development of IT related services and working towards overall development of the society specially for the benefit of under privileged groups by operating in rural and remote areas.

CSET today has become the high performance in all areas of its verticals of the group. The group today has comprehensive capabilities across the business functions, which are built on its expertise to create substantial values for all its employees, students and associates.

CSET is among the leading educational institution in the field of distance education. The Group has the extensive relationship with the renowned Universities of India for offering various degree, diploma and certificate level program.

CSET have a Alumni of more than 4000 students.

Our entrepreneurial pillars, or business verticals as they are called :

  • CSET Computer Education Institute
  • CSET GlobalTech
  • Reliable Graphics
  • Reliable Technical Services